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In a nutshell

LingoLero center for business education and foreign languages is specialized for providing in-house and on-line services for business education in a foreign language, primarily to business customers. LingoLero was founded in 2010, and by extending business activities in 2023, it has become a separate brand within Pink BRink d.o.o.

The objective of all services encompassed by the LingoLero brand is to create satisfied customers by providing practical and immediately applicable knowledge and skills based on attendees' own needs and requirements.

Foreign language courses

Foreign language courses are fully tailored to meet customer needs, i.e., attendees dictate their course schedule, manner, dynamics, and intensity. The courses are divided into business and general, i.e., standard and crash courses.

Standard courses are the most comprehensive and entirely in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), whereas crash courses are less extensive and intended for faster learning. Nevertheless, the final course design is always tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the attendees who have an opportunity to work on their own documents, i.e., everyday examples and situations from their own business environment.

Business skills language training

Executive 1:1 Training is a specially designed individual training whose aim is to correct the attendee's previous typical mistakes and upgrade their existing knowledge in relevant fields within a very short period, whereby the attendee determines which topics and skills as well as documents they will work on.

Corporate English Training is a group training of business skills attendees most commonly meet in their everyday life. CET is held in English and comprises five sections: socializing, business correspondence, meetings, conference calls, and presentations. Each section can be organized as a standalone workshop.

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